Get more impressions on the Web.

A directory listing is a portal to your products, services, and social media.

When you join, you get a free web page in the BlackWoman.Biz Directory. With this you benefit from increased visibility as we drive traffic to join and shop. Your business can get reviews and saved in Favorites for future shopping.

Personalize Your Business Page

You have the option to change your page to include a personalized banner, hours of operation, video, social media links, product and service images. It's similiar to a landing page made to drive traffic to your website from BlackWoman.Biz users.

To upgrade, search to find your listing in the Directory. Then, click the "Claim this Listing" link near the top. Join for free to get a new listing.

More Features and Benefits

What gets measured can be improved, which is why you get access to the number of visitors and unique visits to your business directory listing web page. The numbers can help you understand popular dates and times for visitors, what you can improve, and if being in the Directory is driving you more traffic.

To complement all that you are doing to drum up more business, you get access to the Member Messaging feature. Feel free to reach out, form partnerships, and collaborate with other members by inviting them to visit your listing page, mark favorities, and patronize your business.

Statistics help you understand the performance of your business web page

Direct Link to the Marketplace

Sell your products, services, or digital downloads that are in the BlackWoman.Biz Marketplace in your directory listing web page. Users are more likely to buy from you when they can see your business profile associated with your offerings.

Claim Your Directory Listing Web Page