March 31, 2019


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The event includes live stream video so be sure to close any applications and disconnect any devices you are not using on your Internet connection. The event will be recorded and available for replay.

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End Time
(All times are Eastern unless stated otherwise)
2PM - 2:30PM EST Log On, Introduce Yourself, Today's Schedule
2:40PM What is BlackWoman.Biz?
3:00PM Discussion: Why Black women don't buy from each other? What would encourage you to buy from a sister business?
3:45PM Featured Vendor Presentations: Baes Glamour Boutique, Barelastics, Nu Wave Bundles
3:55PM Q & A
3:55PM - 4:15PM BREAK (Stay logged into the event.)
4:45PM Featured Vendor Presentations: Candy Impressions, RMB Lifestyle Strategies
1:45PM - 2:30PM PST
3:45PM - 4:30PM CST
4:45PM - 5:30PM EST
Networking, Support, and Shopping
5:45PM Giveaways!
5:50PM Your Digital Toolkit
6:00PM Post-Survey and Q & A

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Featured Vendors

Contact Name: Melanie
Where to Shop:

Contact Name: Symone
Where to Shop:
BWB Message Name: Symone

Contact Name: Candice
Where to Shop:

Contact Name: Camitta
Where to Shop:

Contact Name: Renee
Where to Shop:

All Vendors

Participants not listed here will be able to share the link to their website during the event.

Where to Shop:
BWB Message Name: Tondrika

Baes Glamour Boutique
Where to Shop:

Where to Shop:
BWB Message Name: Symone

Candy Impressions
Where to Shop:

Chic Girl Essentials
Where to Shop:

Earth Born Beauty
Where to Shop:

JRenee Hair Company
Where to Shop:

Just a Little Selfish
Where to Shop:
BWB Message Name: Erayna

Nu Wave Bundles
Where to Shop:

Plush Beauties Boutique
Where to Shop:
BWB Message Name: plushbeauties

Sa'Ren Secret Haircare
Where to Shop:

RMB Lifestyle Strategies
Where to Shop: