Friday, May 10, 2019

4PM - 7PM PST / 6PM - 9PM CST / 7PM - 10PM EST

Get the Best Connection

Be sure to close any applications and disconnect any devices you are not using on your Internet connection. The event will be recorded and available for replay.

Featured Vendors

Featured Vendors get up to 10 minutes to present to event attendees. Live video, screen sharing, and audio will be available for you to mix and match how you’d like to pitch your business offerings. Featured Vendors are also listed on this event page for future reference and invited to the private watch group.

Speak Write Play
Business Name: Speak Write Play
Contact Name: Ethleen
Where to Shop:

Business Name: Gotohairstylist
Contact Name: Camita
Where to Shop:

2 Da Max Records
Business Name: 2 Da Max Records
Contact Name: Erica
Where to Shop:

General Vendors

During the event, General Vendors will get the opportunity to share website links for attendees to shop. All vendors will also be listed on this page for future reference and invited to the private watch group. All you need to do to be a General Vendor is sign up for the event. You will be given further instructions via email prior to the event.

All Things CREATIV
Contact Name: Jerri B
Where to Shop:

Amelia's Hands
Contact Name: Naeemah
Where to Shop:

Earth Born Beauty
Contact Name: Nicole
Where to Shop:

Grovehurst Consulting
Contact Name: Lisa
Where to Shop:

Jay Lou's Sweets
Contact Name: Gabby
Where to Shop:

Jay Planner
Contact Name: Isys
Where to Shop:

Jazzy Diaper Cakes
Contact Name: Tonya
Where to Shop:

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Independent Beauty Consultant
Contact Name: Stacy
Where to Shop:

P.E.R.K. Consulting
Contact Name: Ethleen
Where to Shop:

SAB Entertainment
Contact Name: SA Brown
Where to Shop:

The Glamatory
Contact Name: Mimi
Where to Shop:

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Post-Event Survey

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Approx. Times Activity
7:00PM EST Log On, Introduce Yourself, Giveaway!
7:20PM EST About MCWEN. What is BlackWoman.Biz?
7:30PM EST Featured Vendor Presentation: Speak Write Play
7:40PM EST Discussion: What would encourage you to take action to purchase from Black women-owned businesses on a regular basis?
7:50PM EST Featured Vendor Presentation: 2 Da Max
8:00PM EST Q & A
8:10PM EST
7:10PM CST
5:10PM PST
Networking, Support, and Shopping. Come to the virtual stage. Get your website link to shop added to this page.
8:45PM EST Your Digital Toolkit and Giveaway!
8:55PM EST Post-Survey and Q & A
9:00PM EST (Optional) Networking, Support, and Shopping

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