OMG, it’s time to change the game!

Online retail to help you increase your sales receipts.

What is an online pop-up shop?

It’s just like an in-person, short-term sales event, but without all the logistics and expenses of being at a physical location. The event broadcasts over the Internet and Web. Attendees join and participate by using a website in a Web browser or a downloadable app. Attendees purchase from Members online. Everyone is in the comfort of their own environment.

Picture it:
Attendees gather in an online room by logging in with their computer or mobile device.
Signature Members present and pitch their businesses on the virutal stage.
All attendees can shop from Signature Members the Community or from your website.
Everyone can interact and network via chat.
See details from a previous online pop-up.

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Online pop-up shops happen every other month

Less Hassle and More Savings

No travel. No expensive set up. No drama. No dress up. No stress. You’ll get local and global exposure beyond your network.

An unlimited number of attendees can participate. Registration is free for attendees.

Only Signature Members can sell as vendors. Online pop-ups happen monthly on a Saturday.

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