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Say goodbye to follow-train posts.

Works Like a Charm

The social media dilemma of having a page to establish your business credibility balanced with the time it takes to manage the page and reach out to others to like, follow and subscribe (sigh). Solopreneurs can’t be everywhere all the time so we end up focusing so much on our social media presence and neglect other parts of our business. Or don’t have a presence at all, which doesn’t work either.

Say goodbye to follow trains and try the BlackWoman.Biz way.

As a Member, you post links to your social media pages in the Community. All Members that join have made an honorary commitment to like, follow, or subscribe to 20 or more businesses a month. Your member profile, directory listing, and vendors marketplace items give more information about your business so Members can see what you offer.

As the Community continues to grow, so does your social media network. Your social media links remain listed as long as you have an active membership.

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