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Products or Paper in Subscription Boxes

We're continuing to create innovative ways to help your business succeed. This Fall 2019 we'll be piloting paid subscription boxes for women in business—women professionals and entrepreneurs. Each box will include BlackWoman.Biz Member's products, services, and digital downloads.

In a nutshell:
Each box will include tangible products such as art, clothing, accessories, beauty supplies, or books, etc. and intangible goods for services and digital goods like coaching, real estate, travel, hairstyling, podcast training, or music. The products in subscription boxes are the tangible, hard goods. The paper in the boxes are the intangible, soft goods like gift certificates, coupons, or flyers. We buy products from you or you provide a way to advertise your business on paper.

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How to Get in Boxes

The application process will open for Solopreneur and Signature Members by September 1, 2019. We're estimating at least 60 vendors will be chosen for the pilot and then in the future more vendors will be selected as themes for boxes will vary throughout the year. As a product or paper vendor, you need to be able to handle an order of at least 100 in quantity.

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